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Ken Shamrock Trashes Frank Shamrock

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In an interview with mmanews, Ken Shamrock didn't hold back when speaking about his adopted brother:

"Tell me this; I was supposed to fight Frank. Who is he fighting now? He’s fighting a 155lb Nick Diaz instead of me because he is telling people I was having personal problems. He’s a chump, he’s a poser, and he’s a punk. He needs to either get in there with me and fight or he needs to shut up."

"Frank wants attention. He wants people to think he is a legend. He wants people to call him a legend. No one ever called him a legend. He started calling himself a legend, he gave himself that name. He’d an idiot. He tries to get people to buy into him. For so long people have been trying to get him to fight somebody credible and he won’t fight them."

 I have to agree with Ken Shamrock somewhat.  Frank hasn't fought anyone of elite caliber since beating a young Tito Ortiz a decade ago.  On top of all of that a lot of the negative feelings stem from this:

“My father is lying in a bed dying. My father went to prison when Frank was in there and would help him out and took care of him while he was in prison. When Frank got out he took him in and asked him me to take care of him. I put him up in my house. My father took care of him and I trained him. I got him fights, I took him to Japan, I got him to where he needed to be and then he walked out on us. My father is dying in a hospital bed and has asked Frank to go see him numerous times and he doesn’t go see him. He’s supposed to be his son. I want to put Frank in a hospital bed. He’s been doing this for years and I’m just tired of it. I’m sick of him talking. He’s a pussy. He needs to put up or shut up.”

 I spoke about it here months back that I thought this fight wouldn't happen.  I still don't think it'll happen.  It's also funny that Ken Shamrock has a fight tonight, yet still finds time to talk about a fight with his brother.  Listen, nobody is trying to see this fight and nobody is trying to put this fight on.  At least not any reputable promotion.  Please for the love of GOD, let Ken Shamrock win tonight so he can go out on a winning note and retire.  The sad part is if he does win tonight, he'll think he has a few more in him :(.