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Now We Know Why Mike Whitehead Dislikes Rashad Evans!

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You guys remember a month or so ago I posted a piece about Mike Whitehead talking smack about Rashad Evans?  He was saying stuff like Rashad Evan's is setting the sport of MMA back etc.  Well, now we know why Mike Whitehead was crying like a little girl.  According to Steve Cofield, Evans denied Mike Whitehead from training at Team Jackson:

"About three weeks before that I get a call from coach he says 'what do you think about Mike Whitehead coming to train with us Jackson's Gym?

According to an audio posted, Evans said he wouldn't be comfortable with Whitehead joining their team because of his close relationship with Forrest Griffin.  This was pre-UFC 92 by the way.  Evans also had this sinister remark in regards to Whitehead:

Mike Whitehead is probably one of the toughest dudes you'll ever meet in the practice room. If he ever learns how to turn that practice room hero into a real fighter he'll be the truth." 

LOL!  After reading that I can kind of see why Mike Whitehead was pissed.  However, he still sounded like a moron in the interview he did where he was bashing Evans.  In the audio Evans also addresses a multitude of things from being compared to Tito Ortiz, as well his height.