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Arthur Barr Interview

MMA4Real continues to highlight fighters all over the state of North Carolina.  We caught up with Ruckus In The Cage and Elite Championship Cagefighting veteran Scott Barr.  Scott gives us his thoughts on how he got into MMA, the top 5 LHW's in the world, fighting on a couple days notice and more.  Let's get right to it:

Kelvin Hunt-Scott, tell us a little about yourself and how you got into MMA?

Arthur Barr-Well my given name is Arthur Barr and Scott is my middle name.  I was born and raised in southern California in a tough place called the inland empire. i started doing karate as a youth then got into wrestling and was consumed by it. After some injuries and time off, I decided to get back in shape and started lifting weights.  One day I noticed that there were some guys rolling around on the ground in the aerobics area of the gym and was talked into giving it a try. Well the guy turned out to be early UFC vet Mark "The Cobra" Hall and I was hooked. That was in the summer of 2000.  Along the way I've gotten alot of opportunities to meet and train with some of the greats.

Kelvin Hunt-Did you always know you were going to be a fighter, or were you more of a team sports kind of guy growing up?

Arthur Barr- I was always picked on as a child.  So for along time I shyed away from confrontation, and was more of a team sport type of dude.  The cage is the only place I will fight. I feel that there's nothing that words and the right type of attitude cant resolve.

Kelvin Hunt-Man, I wish more people shared that mindset. You fought this past weekend. Give us your thoughts on the fight, and is there anything you would have done differently?

Arthur Barr-I feel like there were a lot of positives in that fight , but Justin just did more to take me away from my game plan. There's probably a lot of different reasons and excuses i can sight, but all it boils down to is learning from my mistakes and taking the steps nessecary to never lat those things effect my game again.

Kelvin Hunt-Your fight was on and off again several times before getting the final green light. Do you think that had any effect on your performance?

Arthur Barr-Well I always train to fight hard and go the distance so that nothing is too much of a surprise.

Kelvin Hunt-Good stuff.  I know you just got back from training. Give us breakdown of what you went through during this last training session?

Arthur Barr-It starts with some streatching and some rope, then on to pads and technique for muay thai.  Then we do some insane cardio, station drills, sprints, choke sprints, bag work, etc...then we usually end with some grappling though tonight we sparred three four minute rounds with thirty second breaks. Every night is different and the closer we get to our scheduled fights the more intense they get. I'm also in the gym lifting and running by 6:15 in the am.

Kelvin Hunt-Damn.  That's crazy right there.  All of your fights have taken place in North Carolina. Give me your thoughts on North Carolina MMA, and the area it needs to improve most?

Arthur Barr-I feel as though there are some promotions that treat fighters as a commodity. Treating us only as dollar signs. Thank god that those promotions are getting fewer and farther between.  People tend to not to fight for you if they dont feel appreciated.

Kelvin Hunt-Righ on.  For the younger guys looking to get into the fight game. What would be some of the pitfalls and things to look out for?

Arthur Barr-Just be ready to make the sacrafices.  I'm up at 5:30 then off to the gym till 7:30 then to work, off at 5:00, spend some time with my family till 7:00 pm. When I head to fight training where I stay till 10:00 then off to sleep to do it over again. i hardly get to eat anything I want as every calorie needs to be calculated. i don't go out and rarely drink. if you want to excel in this sport you have to immerse yourself and you have to love it.

Kelvin Hunt-That's real stuff right there.  For all you younger guys take notes.  Arthur, besides becoming the best fighter you can be. What are some of the goals you have set for yourself. Not just in MMA but in life in general?

Arthur Barr-To respect everybody and to live my life and fight my fights so that when all is said and done i can look back and know that I gave it everthing that was in me.

Kelvin Hunt-When would you like to fight again, and do you have anyone in particular you'd like to fight?

Arthur Barr-I wish I had a fight this weekend while this loss is fresh in my mind. I'm signed up for the twenty eighth in Greenville with the Southern Fight League, hopefully they give me that opportunity.  As far as an opponent, I would like to fight anyone that is a hard ass.  I strive under pressure and even if it's win or lose I love knowing I was in a war and that another human being was training to break me and could not achieve his goal.

Kelvin Hunt-You fight at LHW. What would your top five in the world look like in that division?

Arthur Barr-Thats a hell of a question. Well I love Hendo.  I'm a ride or die team Quest fan being that I'm from Temecula, California myself.  Then Rampage, Forrest, Machida though I hate to say it and Evans.....I've also got a hunch on this Jon Jones kid that looked so amazing against bonner.

Kelvin Hunt-Ahh...don't be hating on Machida!  Any words of wisdom or parting thoughts you'd like to leave with us?

Arthur Barr-Train hard cause I'm coming.

I would like to thank my dear friend and trainer Allen Greenway, and all the guys at Elite Combat Systems in Hickory.  Also my family for putting up with this obsession I have called MMA, and last but not least mmaforreal.  You guys are awesome. It's nice to feel as though I have a voice.

Arthur, no problem man.  We'd like to thank you again for taking the time to sit down with us here at MMA4Real.  Good luck in the future, and we look forward to having you on again.