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I Guess BJ Penn Is Over Greasegate...Sorta

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BJ Penn held a radio inteview via his website today, and has already began the psychological warfare with #1 lightweight contender Kenny Florian.  It was announced last week that Florian would be going to train with Georges St. Pierre in preparation for his upcoming fight with BJ Penn.  Upon hearing that BJ Penn said this via his radio interview on today:

He's the one who tipped me off about GSP greasing."

Bloodyelbow was able to get a response from Kenny Florian:

"I don't even know BJ's email.  How or why would I send that information?"

The best out of all of this is that this now verifies that BJ Penn considers Florian a legitimate challenge. Otherwise, he wouldn't even bother to bring Florian's name into the matter.  I suppose he wants to drive a wedge inbetween GSP and Florian as they attempt to train together.  I don't think it'll work as both fighters are mentally tough, and now will probably enjoy a common dislike of BJ Penn.  I hope we get to see this fight at UFC 100, if these type of antics continue we could be in for a treat.