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Dustin "Lethal Injection" Burchette Interview

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MMA4Real continues to beat the bushes for all of the up and coming fighters in North Carolina.  MMA4Real was able to catch up with fiery 19 year old Dustin "Lethal Injection" Burchette.  He gives us his thoughts on being so young in MMA, his favorite fighter, and his next fight againt Bomby Yang.  Let's get right to it: 

Kelvin Hunt-Dustin, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into MMA?

Dustin Burchette-My name is Dustin Burchette.  I am 19 years old and I'm from Lenoir, NC. I got into mma by watching Allen "The Hedgehog" Greenway fight.  I knew from watching Allen that he was a great fighter and thats what drove me to fight.

Kelvin Hunt-You are 19 years old right? Is it hard to concentrate on MMA when most 19 year olds are going to the movies and hanging out on the weekends? How do you balance MMA and life at such a young age?

Dustin Burchette-The way I concentrate on MMA is thinking about my future and how I want to be a pro fighter.  I dont really like going to the movies and etc. I think in order to be the best you have to train like the best.

Kelvin Hunt-Right.  You are training at Champion Muay Thai. Give us three things you've learned since taking up MMA?

Dustin Burchette-I have learned that you must respect everyone in and outside the cage because once you lose the respect you lose everything.  Another thing I learned is how to be a better role model for kids that are struggling in life.  Kids never give up those dreams there's always hope out there.  The final thing I learned is family. I love everybody I train with we're all family. Chris Clodfelter is my hero he's like a brother to me if he told me it would make me a better fighter to jump off a bridge I would do it.  Chris you are a great friend.

Kelvin Hunt-Chris is good people.  Your nickname is "lethal injection". Tell us why and how you got the nickname?

Dustin Burchette-The way I got my nickname was from my brother.  He said when ever I hit you its like a lethal injection that it's all over you are dead.  LOL,  I like the name so thats how i got it.

Kelvin Hunt-Cool, you had two fights within one week. Any particular reason why and what did you learn from those two fights?

Dustin Burchette- I fought twice in one week because I thought that I was the next big thing and I got proven wrong.  I fought 2 great guys in Thomas and Victor there two of the best guys I know.  I tried to show the mma world what I had and I pushed too hard that week.  What can I say learn from your past.

Kelvin Hunt-Yep, you live and you learn.  Who's your favorite fighter and why?

Dustin Burchette-GSP is my favorite fighter.  He is the best fighter in the world today I like what GSP brings to the cage he has heart and tons of talent.  I would love to meet him some day.

Kelvin Hunt-Indeed, GSP is a beast!  You are supposed to fight Bomby Yang in your next fight. What does he bring to the table and how do you see the fight going?

Dustin Burchette-In mine and Bomby's fight I see me knocking him out in the first round.  I'm going to show him what happens when u step in the cage with me.  If he thinks Victor gave him a beating wait till I get a hold of his ass.

Kelvin Hunt-Uh Oh!  If you win this next fight, what's next for you? When do you see yourself turning pro?

Dustin Burchette-Not if but when I win my next fight.  I want to fight for the 135 title against Ryan White in a muay thai fight.  I want to turn pro soon and fight for some real money.

Kelvin Hunt-I like the confidence. Tell us something about Dustin that few people know?

Dustin Burchette-Something about Dustin that a few people know is that under all the hard skin I am a real sweet guy and that I have made mistakes in my life that I want to take back.  Allen you are a great friend and I'm sorry for what happened between us you are still family.

Kelvin Hunt-Any parting thoughts or anyone you would like to thank?

Dustin Burchette-Yes, I would like to thank all the guys at Champion Muay Thai and all my fans for supporting me and also to remind everybody to come out and watch me beat Bomby Yang like a little umpa lumpa.  Bomby if you don't like it, do something about it :)

Oh man, those are fighting words for real!  Dustin, we at MMA4Real would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.  Good luck againt Bomby Yang, and remember to continue to be a role model all the little youngsters out there.