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GSP: I Know Thiago Alves Is Next But Right Now I'm Trying Not To Think About It

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That's GSP dropping a note from his blog while reflecting on the fight week of UFC 94:

After the fight, we went to the after party - so many people it was crazy.  I stayed in Vegas until the following Tuesday.  We partied the other night, but still Vegas – it's not like it used to be for me - it's getting pretty crazy.  It's very crowded - everywhere I went, I couldn't move.  I went back in Montreal - Montreal is different - the sport is not as popular.  I partied with my friends.  I had a great, great time.  I really need a vacation - I know Thiago Alves is next but right now I just try to not thinking about it.

I went to the Grammy's on Sunday - great experience - had a great time.  People really took care of me. Right now I'm heading to Denver, going to help Nathan Marquardt for his upcoming fight.  It's his last week of his training - he came to help me out and I will to do the same thing for him.

It's appears that GSP is ready to put UFC 94 behind him, as he's gone out and partied like the rockstar he's becoming.  Now it's back in fight mode as he helps prepare teammate Nathan Marquardt for his upcoming fight at UFC 95.  It's interesting that he makes that comment about Thiago Alves.  I don't know quite how to take it.  What say you?