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Was Thiago Silva Overhyped?

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Many people had Thiago Silva pegged as the next big thing in the UFC LHW division prior to his loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 94.  He was 4-0 in the UFC while finishing all of his opponents.  While Thiago Silva is a good fighter, he simply had not done enough for me to jump on the bandwagon just yet.  Of those four wins, two of them came against fighters making their UFC debut.  One win came bout due to a knee injury suffered by his opponent.  The other win came over a fighter who has proven to have little to no knowledge of the ground game. 

Upon further review, if you look at the combined win/loss record of all of his opponents you'll find the numbers to be less than impressive.  In fact, the number stands at 82 wins compared to 60 losses, with 5 of his career 13 wins coming against opponents with sub five hundred record.

I'm not knocking Thiago Silva at all.  The guy came in and did what he was supposed to when fighting, and that's get the victory prior to UFC 94.  However, for all of those that thought I was crazy for calling him overrated/overhyped before UFC 94.  What do I know though?  Maybe he just had an off night against Lyoto Machida?  It's doubtful.  In fact, Silva hasn't absolutely dominated any of his opponents since fighting in the UFC.  He gassed horribly against Drwal, and Irvin was holding his own before getting injured.  Houston Alexander was throwing him around like a ragged doll before being taken to the ground, and Antonio Mendez rocked Silva twice in their match up at UFC 84.  He did absolutely nothing against Lyoto Machida.

So I'll ask you.  Was Thiago Silva overhyped, or did he just have an off night against Lyoto Machida?