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Brock Lesnar Should Be Back In Action In 2010

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MMAWeekly spoke with Lesnar's head trainer Greg Nelson, and he stated that Lesnar was mentally ready to get back to training.  However, he still needs to heal properly on the physical side of things in regards to the diverticulitis he is trying to overcome.  This is what Nelson had to say in regards to Lesnar getting back to training:

We’re not really pushing it right now. We’re just letting things take their course so he can be 100-percent healthy when he starts to train. He’ll probably start lifting weights to get his strength built up and do the exercise bike when he starts to get going, and shadowbox when he gets to feel better. But right now, he’s just taking the time to properly heal.

He’s real anxious of course, but that’s the worst thing you can do, is jump up and start going too quick and then break down again. It’s more of a burden for him to sit at home and not work out, but that’s the thing he has to do right now.

Mentally, he wants to get back in there. He wants to jump in. You get a guy like that who’s used to being able to do whatever and moving around and train, throw hay around, whatever he wants to do, then you’re stuck inside your house... that’s tough. Mentally, it’s tough.

This has to be encouraging for the UFC.  They will be getting off to a rocky start in early 2010, however, the stars will literally begin to align for them barring more major setbacks.  George St. Pierre, Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, Shane Carwin,  and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira should be back in the swing of things before long.  Once you add Lesnar back to the mix, the UFC will be back at full strength in regards to major PPV draws.

The other important part of this is that Lesnar actually wants to get back in the gym and train.