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The Solution To Shinya Aoki's Grappling Pants In Strikeforce

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MMAWeekly is reporting that Japanese star Shinya Aoki is close to making his Strikeforce debut in March, but he WILL NOT be able to wear his trademark grappling pants when he makes his debut.  Bloodyelbow's Kid Nate loves submissions(as do I) and argues that all fighters should wear Aoki styled grappling pants when they compete:

And that's not even getting into the reality that many many pro-fighters practice very advanced arts of oiling up their bodies via baths before fight time so that they appear dry and clean upon entering the cage but once they start sweating they're oozing oil from every pore.

But I'm willing to make that compromise....IF we accept that something should be done to make it easier to get submissions.

There is a simple, elegant solution.

Mandate that all fighters wear Aoki style grappling pants. That eliminates the unfair advantage argument, maintains a level playing field AND encourages more submissions.

The only argument against it comes from those who fear and hate the art of submission fighting. Because really, what's wrong with seeing more submissions?

I can't say that I agree that all fighters should wear grappling pants.  However, I've touched on this before a while back.  The simply solution to not being able to wear grappling pants is basically just putting on knee pads/under shorts underneath their fight shorts.  If you watched UFC 106, you saw what I'm talking about with George Sotiropoulous.  The pic is after the jump:

See how that black material is underneath his fights shorts?  You can't see it in the picture, but George also has ankle wraps on his feet which would prevent slipping as well.  George is a rubber guard player like Aoki, so I'm sure that's why he wears that type of material.   Fighters could wear that type of material and still have the gripping capabilities while wearing legal attire in a fight.  Boom, there's a loophole in the no-grappling pants rule. Somebody translate this for Aoki.