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Kenny Florian: "I'm In Tremendous Shape Right Now"

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Kenny Florian talks about changing fight camps and what he's been able to accomplish since his last outing, a submission loss to UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn:

My body definitely has changed,'' Florian said approvingly. "I definitely am at my biggest and at my leanest. ... I feel very, very strong. I feel I'm at my quickest, and I'm in tremendous shape right now.''
The 33-year-old Florian now considers his brother Keith and Zahabi his head coaches.

"Firas has been an amazing addition to the team,'' he said. "He's a guy who I believe is the smartest coach in mixed martial arts today. And I think everybody's at least a couple of years behind what Firas is doing with his team.''

Florian parted ways with long time trainer Mark DellaGrotte and began splitting time between some of his old trainers along with the Tri-Star gym in Montreal.  Which just happens to be the home of current UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre.  The weakest part of Florian's game is his wrestling ability, which just happens to be his opponent's biggest strength in Clay Guida.  George St. Pierre is arguably the best MMA wrestler out there, and it'll be interesting to see how much Florian's been able to improve that portion of his game.  He'll need it on Saturday night.  Make sure you check out tomorrow's breakdown of Florian/Guida.

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