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TUF 10 Finale Ratings Peak at 5.2 Million For Kimbo Slice Fight

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That's the word according to MMAJunkie:

This past weekend's Spike TV broadcast of The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale scored an average audience of 3.7 million viewers but peaked with 5.2 million for the non-headliner between Kimbo and Houston Alexander.

I did a poll asking if you thought the TUF 10 Finale ratings would surpass those ratings of Strikeforce on CBS.  Eighty percent of you thought it would do so, or be really close to doing so and you were right.  The overall rating for the Strikeforce show was just over 4 million viewers(adding in DVR, etc) with the Fedor/Rogers fight peaking at 5.46 million viewers.  I'm not sure if the numbers above for the TUF 10 Finale include those that dvr'ed the event and whatnot.  Nevertheless, the TUF 10 Finale was almost able to beat the ratings that Strikeforce pulled on CBS...on Spike TV.  In all honesty, it's just a testament to the drawing power of Kimbo Slice.  Which is incredible, considering he had lost two fights in a row(Petruzelli and Nelson), and he's still able to pull in these types of numbers.  Great news for the UFC, now if only they could repeat those numbers with TUF 11.

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