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Jon Jones To Protest TUF 10 Finale Loss Against Matt Hamill

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According to a post made by his management on the UG:

Let's be clear, Jon is not "unhappy" he feels as all things happen for a reason. We are protesting the L because we felt that Jon's opponent could not effectively communicate why he could not continue.

The rules state that an intentional foul and that the fighter cannot continue based on injury sustained from the foul. Hamill could not contnue due to a broken shoulder.

Jon should have been deducted a point for the accidental illegal blow. Matt should have been treated like we treat the Brazilians and given 5 minutes to regroup and offered a translator so the ref could make the right call and understand Matt could not continue due to his shoulder injury not the blow.

This should be a NC for both fighters but not a loss. Hammil continued with an injured Shoulder and only complained once the action was stopped (warrior) but the fight was stopped based on the shoulder injury in our opinion.

I agree with those sentiments, although I don't seem to recall hearing why the doctor decided to stop the fight.  Was it because of the shoulder injury or because of the cut sustained due to the illegal blows?  Because the techinique(the slam) that injured Hamill's shoulder was legal.  Let's hope they get this one right, unlike the debacle that was the Kevin Burn/Anthony Johnson eye poke.  Jon Jones performed wonderfully in the Hamill fight, and it's a shame that his perfect record would reflect a loss on it when it shouldn't be on there.

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