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WEC News: DirectTV And PPV In Near Future

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That's the word according to WEC GM Reed Harris as he appeared on MMAWeekly's radio show last night.  Reed said that the WEC plans to continue their expansion with a show in Ohio during the Arnold Classic, which is normally a spot that the UFC fills.  He also touched on WEC's negotiations with DirectTV and plans for a WEC PPV event in 2010:

"The last thing I heard a couple weeks ago is they were both talking and they had both come back to the table to discuss it, and I had heard that maybe we would be back on by Dec. 19, so that's what I'm hoping for," Harris commented.

December 19th is the date of WEC 45: Cerrone vs. Ratcliff and that even till take place in Las Vegas.  So for you that lost out on WEC since they were dropped from DirectTV earlier in the year, you could possibly be back in business later this month!  Which is great news, because the WEC needs all the ratings help it can get.

Harris comments on the WEC's move to PPV in 2010:

"I'll give you a definite answer on that, yes," Harris answered when asked about integrating the pay model.

"I think we're shooting for mid-year at this point, but it could be sooner, it just depends on what happens in January. It depends on how our fights go and our ratings and all that stuff." 

"There're a lot of factors we look at. We definitely know if we're going to do a pay-per-view it's got to be compelling fights that people are willing to pay for, and it's got to be that must see fight. That's what we're trying to create."

I know the company needs to make a profit and PPV is one of the best ways to do so, but I'm not sure they'll be able to pull it off.  Especially if they plan on setting their PPV prices in the same ballpark as the UFC which currently stands at $44.95.  Now, if they place their PPV price around $29.95, then that would be more plausible.  Not because the WEC is a lesser product, simply because they don't have the name brand recognition that the UFC has and folk are not going to shell out that amount of money twice in one month.

HT: MMAWeekly