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Why Dan Henderson Chose To Sign With Strikeforce

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Henderson Talks about the decision with Sherdog:

The decision was based on a number of things. It wasn’t just a financial thing. It was the fact that I felt I wasn’t getting the fight that I wanted in the UFC. That was a big part of that -- that I wasn’t and that it got yanked away from me. I think I stepped up for the UFC a number of times and had earned that right again for a title fight. And the fact that publicity-wise, CBS offers quite a bit more than a pay-per-view and Spike TV.

I don't know what he's talking about when he said he stepped up for the UFC a number of times, maybe he's referring to being a coach on TUFor something.  So I can't really comment on that.  Henderson did receive back to back title fights in the UFC, only to lose both of those fights.  So I don't know if he has a leg to stand on in that regard, because he's already lost the fight in wants in Anderson Silva.  However, I do agree that the UFC did him dirty in regards to telling him he would fight for the title with a win over Bisping, only to publicly give that fight to Vitor Belfort shortly after that.  If Dana White had any doubts about who would be facing Anderson Silva next, he should not have publicly stated that Henderson would get the next shot at Silva with a win over Bisping at UFC 100. 

Henderson speaks on the UFC's decision to ban his own clothing line called Clinch Gear while he was negotiating with the UFC:

Well, at least I’ll be able to have Clinch Gear on in the cage when I fight for Strikeforce. The banning didn’t really affect anything though. When the UFC called and said that we could no longer sponsor (other fighters), that we were banned from the UFC, I wasn’t mad at all. It was more funny to me than anything that they would do that. Dana has stated to me that it was nothing personal and that there were no hard feelings at all. If there were no hard feelings, why would they ban a clothing line? We already had a deal; we were paying for the right to sponsor guys just like every other sponsor was. For them to come back and say just because Dan hasn’t re-signed a deal yet, we’re banned.

Henderson: Absolutely. Things like that aren’t necessary and for them to do that in the middle of negotiations doesn’t make me feel respected. It’s more of a strong-arm tactic and a lot of people turn the other way when that happens. To me, it was just funny. I didn’t take it personally, but it just seemed a little contradictory to the ‘no hard feelings’ thing.

Myself and MMA4Real reader Felix were discussing this in the other thread about Henderson signing with the UFC.  This is only one side of the story, but it appears that Henderson is saying that the UFC banned Clinch Gear because he refused to sign the deal the UFC offered him.  If that's true, then that's absolute bush league on behalf of the UFC.