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Kimbo Slice Open To Fighting At Light Heavyweight In UFC

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Do you remember me writing about how Kimbo's fight with Houston Alexander could be a trial cut for Slice to eventually fight as a light heavyweight?  Well, it appears that my assumption could be right after all.  MMAJunkie spoke with Slice after getting his first UFC win over Houston Alexander at the TUF 10 Finale.  He spoke on the possibility of fighting at 205, and if they weight cut really hurt him as much as he initially lead on:

"I leave that to my guys," Ferguson said. "I've got a smart team. ... I let those guys, with (UFC president) Dana (White) and the matchmakers, figure it out. They'll work something out. I trust their judgment as far as my future is concerned in the UFC."

That's not a "no," but it's not a "yes" either.

Here Slice speaks on if the weight cut affected his performance on Saturday night:

"I don't think it affected me at all," he said. "I put some weight back on [the night before the event]. I ordered up room service – twice."

I just don't see the guys are Zuffa keeping him in the heavyweight division.  He weighed in at 212 pounds against Alexander in a catchweight bout that was scheduled for 215lbs.  Why cut the additional 3lbs?  I know he said that's the first time he had ever cut weight, but wouldn't common sense prevail in that fact that he didn't need to cut anymore weight?  I expect to see Slice fighting at 205 in his next bout, or at least in one more catchweight bout before making the drop down to light heavyweight.