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Killer Instinct Separates Jon Jones From Other Emerging MMA Prospects

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 We saw Jon Jones in action inside and outside of the cage on Saturday night.  All of his attributes were on full display, and you really got a sense of what the future of MMA could be with this kid.  I could use a ton of adjectives to describe the kid: athletic, articulate, humble, likable, confident, and respectful just to name some off the top of my head.  However, the one attribute that was on prominent display against Matt Hamill on Saturday night was the killer instinct to finish Hamill off

The fight began like any other fight with both guys trying to find their timing and range, but Jones went to work once they fully engaged.  He took Hamill down with authority (which is what injured Hamill's shoulder), and immediately moved to a dominant position.  Upon getting the mount, Jones began throwing punches and elbows with bad intentions which is something you typically don't see.  Most guys get the mount and throw love tap punches; rarely do you see guys just go for it the way Jones did.  I don't know if it's that fighters are afraid they'll gas, or if they are worried about losing that dominant position.  The pace at which Jones was throwing those punches and elbows is the type of thing you see fighters do only in practice while on the ground with the dummy bag.

This is probably the most impressive thing about Jones to me, besides his humbleness and respectfulness to the sport at such at young age.  Jones lost the fight on paper, but he was a big winner in my eyes on Saturday night.  The UFC light heavyweight division should take notice.