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Report: Goran Reljic To Return At UFC 110 Against CB Dollaway

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That's the word according to MMAMadness:

Middleweights CB Dolloway and Goran Reljic will face each other at UFC 110 in Australia. Reljic has not fought since his UFC 84 win over Wilson Gouveia in May of 2008. 

Middleweights CB Dollaway and Goran Reljic will  face each other at UFC 110 in Australia, a source close to the event told

The source confirmed that bout agreements have been signed.

Reljic hasn't fought at all since a TKO win over Wilson Gouveia at UFC 84 as a light heavyweight.  He announced that he would be moving down to the UFC middleweight division and was scheduled to fight at UFC 90, but suffered a back injury that required surgery.  I've asked where the this kid was a couple of times, because I think he could be a force at middleweight.  He's incredibly huge, and has a background in jiu jitsu, but proved that he has striking ability as well.  Dollaway could have his hands full provided that Reljic can get past the cagerust and his 100% healthy.