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TUF 10 Finale Recap And Thoughts

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What a night right?  It seemed rather weird for some reason.  I don't know if it was the whole Kimbo/Alexander dance-fest during the first round, or the fact that I had to dvr the first few fights and watch them quickly to catch up with the live telecast.  Any who, let's rundown some points of note:

-Roy Nelson has granite in his chin, but we already knew that.  I picked the big fella to win, but I don't think anybody saw that coming.  I know Brendan Schaub definitely didn't, because he looked embarrassed as the verdict was called by the announcer.  Schaub will be back though, he surprised me by being able to get up from up under Roy Nelson even though Roy had side control.  Schaub's boxing also looked much crisper tonight than it did on the show.  The old saying is fitting here, "he just got caught". 

SBN coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale

-Wow.  DQ or not, Jon Jones absolutely destroyed Matt Hamill.  I look at that as a win for Jones, regardless of how they had to score the fight due to the illegal blow.  Hamill had taken massive amounts of punishment, and he wasn't going anywhere with Jones mounted on top of him.  How about the way Jones just slammed him to the canvas?  I was really impressed with Jones if you couldn't tell.  I loved the killer instinct he showed tonight once he mounted Matt Hamill.  That was savage, but beautiful at the same time.  The UFC light heavyweight division better keep their eyes open.  Props to Hamill for being so tough though.  Hell, a lot of fighters wouldn't have been able to take that much damage.  Let me get Jones vs. Luiz Cane next(or someone of that caliber).

-What in the world was Houston Alexander doing during the first 2 minutes of that fight dancefest.  I don't know how that one judge had the fight 30-27 in favor of Slice.  Kimbo definitely won the second round easily, because was giving Houston Alexander the business in that round.  I haven't watched the fight again, but I thought it could have been 29-28 in favor of Alexander just as easily as 29-28 Slice.  Slice definitely did the most damage in the fight, and even showed that he has been working on his ground game.  However, it's pitiful that he didn't know how to put that rear naked choke on correctly.  Well, at least he went for it I guess.  What's next for Kimbo Slice?  Will he stay at HW, or make the trip down to LHW?  I think they should just stay with 'fun' fights for Slice at this point.  So where's James Irvin at?

-Frankie Edgar finally got in the finish column!  Yea!  However, props to Matt Veach for trying to slam him through the mat a couple of times in the first round.  That was pretty impressive.  Edgar's always going to have problems with big wrestlers it seems.  Veach was tossing him around like a rag doll up until Edgar caught him with that punch in the second.  This win moves Edgar up one step closer to gettin that title shot, but he probably needs one more win since he lost to Gray Maynard a while back.

-Marcus Jones is huge, but he really needs to work on keeping his hands up and stop shooting in wildly for take downs.  He's 6'6" for Christ's sake, use that reach to your advantage the same way you use your size to muscle guys to the mat.  Mitrione hits hard, and proved it tonight.  I doubt he'll ever amount to much in the UFC HW division though.

-Tough loss for Schoonover, and now he has to leave for deployment to fulfill military duties.  Thank for your service to our country man.  Maybe they can do Mitrione vs. McSweeney with the loser getting kicked to the curb?    

-Also, wanna give a shout out to our hometown kid Rodney Wallace.  He came up short in a UD loss to Brian Stann, but he put up a great fight.  Keep your head up Rodney, you'll be back. 

-I'm not opposed to Liddell and Ortiz coaching TUF 11, but I don't want to see a 3rd fight between the two unless it's on Spike TV.  The good thing about them being the coaches is that it keeps the relevant fighters(GSP, Rua, Machida, Penn, etc) free from having to set on the shelf for half a year taping the show, etc. 

Give us your thoughts on the event, and a special thanks to all of you that joined us for the open thread and discussion!