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TUF 10 Finale: Roy Nelson Knocks Out Brendan Schaub To Win The TUF 10 Title

The first round starts and Schaub is landing the jab.  Roy Nelson shoots and Schaub shrugs him off.  Schaub is launching bombs and is landing.  Nelson is covering up effectively, but some of the shots are getting through.  Nelson explodes for another take down and gets it.  He lands in Schaub's half guard.  Nelson going for a Americana, and then gets into side control.  He looks as if he's trying to attain the crucifix position that he's making famous.  Schaub explodes and gets back up to his feet.  Schaub lands a nice combination.  Schaub lands another combination, but Nelson responds.  Schaub with his hands down low lands a snapping jab and then a big right.  Nelson comes forward with a big right of his own.  Schaub with a left hook.  Nelson comes forward and lands a HUGE right hand and Brendan Schaub collapses.  Nelson lands one more right hand for good measure and the referee comes in to stop the fight.  Roy Nelson is the TUF 10 champion.

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