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TUF 10 Finale: Jon Jones Destroys Matt Hamill In The First Round But Gets Disqualified For Illegal Blow

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The first round starts and Jones looks much larger than Hamill.  Jones is scoring with puches and Hamill looks to counter with leg kicks.  Jones lands a nice right hand and a body kick and now a nice leg kick.  Hamill shoots for a single leg, but Jones defends and lands a punch in the process.  Jones with his hands down low and misses the big spinning elbow.  Jones with a good leg kick.  Jones trips Hamill to the mat and takes the full mount almost immediately.  Jones lands some VISCIOUS ground and pound.  Punches, elbows galore for like a minute straight.  Hamill is trying to defend, but he's bleeding pretty badly now and it's evident that some of the punches/elbows are getting through.  The referee stops the fight and tells Jones that he threw an illegal elbow.  They take a point away from Jones, but Hamill is still down on the mat with a pool of blood in his eyes.  The referee asks if he's done, and then stops the fight.  The judges disqualify Jon Jones and award Matt Hamill the win.

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