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TUF 10 Finale: Kimbo Slice Takes Unanimous Decision Over Houston Alexander

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There was a very weird start to this fight.  Houston Alexander circled around the cage about 20 times without throwing any punches or kicks, and Slice just basically followed him without showing any offense either.  However, after about the 3 minute mark the action started to pick up.  They had several exchanges with Alexander landing mostly leg kicks and Slice landing a right hand every now and then.  That was the story of the first round and the crowd began to grow restless with boo's.

The second round starts and it's more of the same with Alexander circling around the cage with no action whatsoever.  The frustration was apparent for Kimbo Slice as he began to try to apply pressure on Alexander.  Kimbo lands a big punch that staggers Alexander.  Kimbo clinches and takes Alexander down and lands in full mount.  Alexander escapes to his feet, but Slice takes his back and lands a HUGE German suplex that hurts Alexander.  Slice lands some nice shots here, but Alexander gets back to his feet.  Slice with another take down landing in full mount again.  He's landing some heavy shots here forcing Houston to give up his back.  Slice with both hooks in going for the rear naked choke.  However, it's apparent  that he doesn't know how to apply it correctly.  Alexander tries to reverse Slice, but Slice maintains control very well.  Alexander gets back to his feet, but Slice slams him as the bell sounds.

The third round starts and Alexander is throwing some weak leg kicks that land.  However, they start to exchange heavy shots and both are landing.  Alexander looks visibly gassed, and Kimbo signals to him in a 'let's do this' taunt.  Kimbo lands a big shot, but Alexander responds.  The pace slows, but Alexander lands a leg kick that takes Slice's feet from out under him.  Slice back up to his feet and takes Alexander down and lands in half-guard.  Alexander trying to control Kimbo's posture, and the ref stands them back up.  Alexander with leg kicks but they aren't doing anything.  Alexander lands a combination that sends Slice across the cage as the bell sounds.  The judges award a unanimous decision victory to Kimbo Slice.

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