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TUF 10 Finale: Frankie Edgar Chokes Out Matt Veach In Round 2

It was a night in which Frankie Edgar needed to make a statement by finishing his opponent, and he finally came through with the goods against Matt Veach. 

Veach came out looking for the take down early, but Edgar defended well until Veach caught a kick and almost power bombed Frankie Edgar through the mat.  This happened a couple of other times, but Edgar was relatively able to get back to his feet when he wanted.  Veach was able to land some punches here and there, but Edgar's speed kept him out of trouble there as he made Veach miss badly a couple of times.  Veach looked as if he was beginning to tire toward the end of the round.

In the second round they came out and Edgar looked to be the aggressor but Veach was looking for the take down once again.  However, Edgar was having none of it and landed some crisp strikes to Veach's head.  He was able to hurt Veach with a punch, and Veach went down from the shots.  Edgar mounted Veach and landed some brutal ground and pound causing Veach to give up his back.  Edgar wasted no time sinking in the rear naked choke for the submission victory. 

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