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TUF 10 Finale: MMA4Real Staff Predictions

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Jon Jones vs. Matt Hamill

Charles Walker-This should be a knock down/drag out....I see this easily winning fight of the night honors as it should.  Both guys struggle with cardio, so it'll be interesting to see who gasses first and how it effects them in the long run.  I see Jones coming out with fists of fury and scoring often, if he can withstand some of Hamill's power, I see him winning a clear cut decision in an action packed fight.

Rich Wyatt-Jon Jones over Matt Hamill by TKO in the 2nd. "Bones" is becoming a dangerous man. This should be a decent test for him

Kelvin Hunt-I think Matt Hamill will be a tough test for Jon Jones.  Hamill has a great chin, hits hard, and is tough as hell to finish.  This should be a good fight, but Jones should win via decision.

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Roy Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub

Charles Walker-You know what has me on the fence for this one, the fact that Schaub's been taken down and mounted in both of his fights on this season of TUF, the fact that he hits hard and has been able to push his way out of trouble show he's very skilled but I just see Roy getting on top of him like he's done almost everyone this season and grinding out a win.  However, I see Schaub with more upside to him, I'll take Roy Nelson via decision.

Rich Wyatt-Brendan Schaub over Roy Nelson by decision. Big opportunity for both guys here. Brendan will need to avoid Nelson's attempts to smother him.

Kelvin Hunt-I'm take Roy Nelson via decision.  I'm not convinced that Schaub can stop the take down, and he won't be able to escape the crafty veteran on the ground like he did on TUF.

Frankie Edgar vs. Matt Veach

Charles Walker-This should be a good one but I don't see Veach out striking Edgar and I don't see him knocking him out.  With that said, something tells me it'll go to decision though.

Rich Wyatt-Frankie Edgar over Matt Veach by decision. Frankie's standup should help put him over in this one.

Kelvin Hunt-Edgar via decision, but he needs to be leary of Veach's power.

Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander

Charles Walker-This WON'T last long, trust me, and the fact I just read that Kimbo's having trouble with the weight cut, plus the speed of Houston, I can't see this being a good match up for Slice, heck I'd have given him Matt Mitrione instead because Houston seems to be a bit too quick for the brawler.  I see Houston winning via TKO early in the first round.

Rich Wyatt-Houston Alexander over Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson by TKO in the 1st. One word: Fireworks.

Kelvin Hunt-I give Kimbo a better chance than most to win this.  However, I have to go with Alexander simply because he's has more tools standing.  I'm go with Alexander via TKO Rd. 2

Marcus Jones vs. Matt Matrione

Charles Walker-Big Baby has what we call a GLASS jaw.  I know Schaub hits hard but wow he just went down like a ton of bricks with not a lot of defense, but there's the likelihood Marcus will get him down and do work.  I'm torn but the robotic stance of Marcus just leads me to think his chin will get checked and take a tumble late in the first.

Rich Wyatt-Marcus Jones over Matt Mitrione by submission in the 1st. Mitrione has a decided advantage, I'm guessing, if this becomes a standing slugfest, but Marcus has an advantage on the ground. I don't see this fight going out of the second round either way.

Kelvin Hunt-Once this fight goes to the ground it's all Jones.  Jones via Sub Rd. 1

Rodney Wallace vs. Brian Stann

Charles Walker-Wallace for the upset TKO in round 2

Rich Wyatt-Rodney Wallace over Brian Stann by decision. Brian's experience and Greg Jackson created gameplan may be too much to overcome in Rodney's first UFC fight, but I've got a hunch that we could see an upset.

Kelvin Hunt-Gotta go with the hometown kid!  Wallace via Submission in Rd. 2

James McSweeney vs. Darrell Schoonover

Charles Walker-McSweeney via TKO in round 2

Rich Wyatt-Darrill Schoonover over James McSweeney  TKO in the 2nd.

Kelvin Hunt-I'm go with McSweeney via decision

Dennis Hallman vs. John Howard

Charles Walker-Howard via decision

Rich Wyatt-Dennis Hallman over John Howard by decision

Kelvin Hunt-Howard via decision

Justin Wren vs. John Madsen

Charles Walker-Wren via decision

Rich Wyatt-Justin Wren over Jon Madsen by TKO in the 3rd

Kelvin Hunt-Wren via TKO in Rd. 2

Mark Bocek vs. Joe Brammer

Charles Walker-I'll take Brammer via decision

Rich Wyatt-Mark Bocek over Joe Brammer by Submission in the 2nd

Kelvin Hunt-Bocek via Submission in Rd. 2