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3 Things We Can Learn From UFC 108

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The general consensus by most MMA fans is that UFC 108 is weak, it sucks, or it's of the wack as my little cousin would say.  However, some of the fights do have significant meaning behind them for the most part.  Check it:

-We'll get to learn if Thiago Silva is the real deal or the guy that folds when facing elite competition.  Keith Jardine is a very good fighter, but he's not elite.  The one time Silva faced elite competition he got destroyed in the first round.  Rashad Evans got destroyed against Machida as well, but he's performed much better against better competition overall in his career.  The winner of this one will be in the mix for a title shot depending on the Shogun/Machida rematch later in the year. 

-We get to learn more against Junior dos Santos against a dangerous striker in MMA veteran Gilbert Yvel.  I think Yvel is a little bit bigger than Cro Cop, and we all remember how much larger dos Santos was when standing beside Cro Cop.  Yvel is still dangerous, but I expect dos Santos to win this one.  Hopefully we get to see some of his ground game in this one.  We already know he can take your head off like a Reptile fatality.  A Yvel win announces that he's arrived in the UFC against a credible heavyweight.  A dos Santos win could mean title shot depending on what happens with Lesnar etc.

-We get to learn if Paul Daley can continue to talk the talk and walk the walk.  While Hazelett isn't top ten just yet, he's still a credible opponent to face on short notice.  A win for Hazelett is a big feather in his cap and would be his third win in a row.  He could face another top ten opponent afterwards.  A devastating win for Daley would just keep building his momentum to an eventual title shot as long as he keeps winning. 

Lastly, we get to find out if UFC 108 will continued to be a curse card, or if it will bring in the new year with a bang the way UFC 92 did last year.  There are match ups on this card that scream fireworks, and boy do I hope they deliver.

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