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Paul Daley Walking In Dan Hardy's Footsteps?

I have to say that Paul Daley pretty much convinced me that I should be interested in his bout with Dustin Hazelett at UFC 108.  I'm a fan of both fighters somewhat, as I think both fighters come to fight in their own respective way.  Of course they have contrasting styles, and that's another attribute that triggers my interest.  However, it was the way that Paul Daley went about hyping his fight with Dustin Hazelett that has me most impressed.  I think he's pulling a page out of Dan Hardy's book in regards to promoting himself to the top.  Of course, Dan Hardy has talked himself right into a title shot against UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre, rumored to take place at UFC 111 in New Jersey.  There's no doubt that he's taken care of business inside the octagon as well.  Which is exactly where Paul Daley got the ball rolling back at UFC 103 as he stepped in to fight top ten welterweight on short notice in his UFC debut.  He ran through Martin Kampmann like constipated people drinking castor oil.  Paul Daley is a knockout artist and he let you know it on the countdown show.  There's something about fighters that can talk the talk and walk the walk.  He instantly put himself in one of two categories for fans:

1.  You either wanna see him knockout his opponent.

2.  Or you want to see his opponent give him a dose of humility.

A fighter that is able to manipulate fans like that have star power.  It may not be Brock Lesnar star power, but neither Hardy nor Daley will be another Yushin Okami either.

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