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MFC 23: "Unstoppable" Fight Card

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The MFC 23 "Unstoppable" card will be upon us LIVE on Friday, December 4th via HDNet.  The televised event will begin at 10pm EST.  The main event will consist of two UFC veteran and ground specialists in Thales Leites vs. Dean Lister.  The co-main event will also feature a couple of UFC veterans in Jason MacDonald vs. Solomon Hutcherson.  Make sure you join the MFC 23 open thread and discussion on Friday night, and you can find the entire fight card below after the jump and feel free to leave you picks in the comments section!

SBN coverage of MFC 23: Unstoppable

-Thales Leites vs. Dean Lister
-Jason MacDonald vs. Solomon Hutcherson
-Bryan Baker vs. Art Santore
-Ryan Jimmo vs. Emanuel Newton
-Marvin Eastman vs. Dwayne Lewis
-Joe Christopher vs. Jesse Juarez
-Ryan Fortin vs. Nick Penner
-Ryan Machan vs. Kajan Johnson