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UFC 108: Dustin Hazelett Talks Paul "Semtex" Daley

Hazelett talks to MMAWeekly about how the Daley fight is a blessing in disguise since Karo Parisyan pulled out of their UFC 106 bout at the last minute.

"It’s the co-main event. It’s bigger; it’s more exposure. (Daley) is ranked higher now (after his win over Martin Kampmann last September at UFC 103); bigger in that sense."  "Being a grappler, my path of least resistance is almost always on the ground," he stated. "With him being an excellent striker, his easiest path to victory is usually on the feet. But, it’s mixed martial arts. You have to be able to go anywhere and fight anywhere. I’ve been working a lot on my Muay Thai the last couple of years; I think it’s a good test for me."

Hazelett is the lankier fighter and will probably have a slight reach advantage standing, but Daley's performance against Martin Kampmann should be more than enough proof that Hazelett should use that length advantage on the ground working his BJJ.  This should be a good one.

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