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UFC Welterweight John Howard Responds To Anthony Johnson's Smack Talk

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You may remember me posting that Anthony Johnson called out UFC welterweight John Howard last week.  The two were scheduled to fight earlier this year, but the bout never came to fruition.  Howard defeated MMA veteran Dennis Hallman via a come from behind TKO at UFC 107, and Johnson had a 3 fight win streak snapped against Josh Koscheck at UFC 106.  John Howard responds via The Boston Herald:

"I wonder if I did something to him," Howard said. "He talks about me so much he’s got my girl jealous. My girl asked me, ’Did you sleep with him or something?’ It’s a joke. I don’t care about him. He’s coming off a loss. You would think he would be humbled, but he’s not. When we bump into each other, he’ll get humbled."

When Johnson made his initial comments, Howard got offended and fired back. But this time he’s taking the talk in stride.

"There’s no need for me to talk trash," Howard said. "I already know I’m in his head. Where I come from, when someone talks about you that much that means I’m a threat. Right now, I take it as a compliment."

Of course it all stems from Johnson saying that Howard pulled out of a fight earlier this year, but Howard never officially signed the contract according to him.  He stated that the timing of the fight wasn't good and other financial reasons are why he didn't take the fight.  This is one of those fights that will happen inevitably happen, and it'll probably be fireworks when it does.