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Frank Trigg Talks UFC 109: "This Is A Do Or Die Fight For Me"

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Frank Trigg speaks to Sherdog about his upcoming bout against Matt Serra at UFC 109:

"He’s in the twilight of his career," Trigg said. "Unfortunately, when he loses to me, he’s going to realize that his days as a fighter are going to be limited. He’ll be able to go ahead and continue fighting in smaller, lesser-known organizations if he wants. Hopefully, he does so at 155. He’s small to begin with, but he’s definitely too small for this weight class and too small for me in this fight, as well."

"This is a do-or-die fight for me. If I lose this one, I’ll definitely be out of the UFC, but that’s not going to be the case," Trigg said. "This fight will go where I want it to go. I know Matt is good on the ground, but if I want to put him there, I will. He’s going to have a lot of trouble trying to take me down. He might have more knockout power, but I have better punching power. Matt is a tough guy, but I’ll have no problem finishing him off. This one won’t be left in the judge’s hands."

Trigg mentioned that he 'blew his knee out' six weeks prior to the Josh Koscheck fight at UFC 103 and that was part of the reason why he got destroyed in that match up.  He'll be facing a different type of fighter in Matt Serra at UFC 109.  Serra is the smaller guy, but does have good power in his hands.  Trigg is a good wrestler, but we saw that Serra can hold his own against the likes of Matt Hughes.  So this fight could get interesting.  What say you?