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TV Ratings For Strikeforce: Evolution And WEC 45 Are Almost Identical

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From MMAJunkie:

WEC 45 drew 330,000 viewers, and Strikeforce's latest offering topped it slightly with 341,000 viewers, today confirmed with officials

The WEC is available in close to 75 million homes on Versus, opposed to Strikeforce being available in only 12 million homes.  WEC 45 drew around 80K less  viewers than WEC 44 which featured a title fight between Jose Aldo and Mike Brown.  So with WEC 45 not featuring a title fight, that's about what I expected from the card that was given.  The numbers that Strikeforce achieved are within the normal ballpark for the premium channel.  These numbers don't really tell me much to be honest.  I know quite a few people that don't have Versus or Showtime that still managed to catch these events.  That's anecdotal, but I'm sure all of you can say the same thing.  If that happens to enough people, then you can draw your own conclusions.  Bottom line, both promotions have a devoted fan base of around four hundred thousand.  Plus, both Zuffa and Strikeforce should put forth more promotional efforts behind both brands.