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Rashad Evans Talks Trusting Himself More And Keeping It Simple

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Rashad Evans did a lot of talking on a recent conference call in regards to his upcoming fight at UFC 108 against Thiago Silva.  Evans, the former UFC light heavyweight champion spoke about some of the pitfalls that come with reaching a certain point and how he deals with it all:

"I think one of the things that happens is you get to a certain point, you’re the champion, and everybody thinks they can add to your game, help you out. Sometimes they can, but sometimes it just gets a little bit overwhelming and distracting when you have too many people in your ear telling you do this and do that when essentially, you pretty much know what to do."

"I’ve made it a point not to get distracted on what I want to do because Thiago is a very hungry fighter and every time I find myself drifting away from the person I got to fight, I just watch what I say and do what I’m supposed to do and then it just gets me motivated all over again."

I agree that that's probably what happened with Evans in that so many people wanted to sharpen up his striking game that he got a little one dimensional.  I stated this was happened and called for him to go back to his wrestling roots against Lyoto Machida.  Of course, we all know how that turned out.  So maybe he'll use his improved striking skill set, coupled with his wrestling game to make himself even more dangerous than before.  I guess we'll find out at UFC 108.

HT: Sherdog for the transcription

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