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Josh Thomson: When's The Last Time You Saw UFC Fighters Lay It On The Line?

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From MMAWeekly:

"I’m tired of clicking onto websites and seeing the first thing is UFC, UFC, UFC, and I would like to see something that says Strikeforce and something positive about our fighters," he said. "Cause I’m getting sick and tired of that."  "When was the last time you seen a UFC fight card put together like this?" he said. "When was the last time you saw UFC fighters lay it on the line like we did tonight, and when was the last time you seen a main event like you did tonight? I haven’t seen one of those in a while from the UFC. So, I think we delivered."

Strikeforce lightweight Josh Thomson sticks up for his employer in Strikeforce in regards to the Strikeforce: Evolution card, and the fight between himself and Gilbert Melendez.  I applaud Thomson for speaking his mind and having a true belief in the company he works for, but at the same time you should learn from what happened to Tim Sylvia the last time he said something like this.  All it takes is a loss here and some bad luck and there and you become an afterthought to the fickle fans of MMA.