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UFC Welterweight Anthony Johnson Wants John Howard Next And Says He'll Give Him The Business

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From Fighthype:

I'm trying to fight in March. I'm trying to fight punk a** John Howard, but I don't think he wants to fight. He got his win over Dennis Hallman. He got the credit to fight me, so why don't he do it? He signed the contract once to fight me and then he backed out and now he's renegotiating or his managers and agents are, whatever, are being dumb about the renegotiating process. Just come on and sign the fight; sign the contract and fight me and stop running like a little b*tch. I want to fight him. I really do. I seen this interview where he said he was going to make me pay for what I said, so I'm looking forward to seeing that. John Howard, put your dukes up lets do this and I'm going to knock your other tooth out because I know you got a f*cked up grill. I'm going to give him the business.

These two have history as they were supposed to fight earlier this year, but Howard pulled out of the fight for undisclosed reasons and the two exchanged verbals jabs afterwards.  Howard is coming off a come from behind TKO victory over MMA veteran Dennis Hallman and Johnson is coming off a submission loss to Josh Koscheck at UFC 106.  Johnson is the larger fighter, but Howard is better on the ground.  So the question is can Howard get Johnson on the ground and win?  Sound off.