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UFC 108 Preview: Thiago Silva A Big Underdog Against Rashad Evans?

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The regulars know the drill with this, as I take a snapshot of what the folks over at the UFC website think about each upcoming main event.  They have Thiago Silva as a big underdog against Rashad Evans at UFC 108.  I've been keeping an eye on the numbers for a while and the percentages have remained nearly the same, regardless of the rumored injury that Silva had(that was refuted by his camp).  Check it:

Rashad Evans headshot VS Thiago Silva headshot
Rashad Evans   Thiago Silva
67%   33%
Total Votes
I spoke with a training partner of Silva's last week, and he said that Silva looks great in camp.  Is this fight closer than the percentages, or is this Rashad's fight to lose?  Sound off.

SBN coverage of UFC 108: Evans vs. Silva