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TUF 10 Finale Preview: Frankie Edgar vs. Matt Veach

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Matt Veach made his UFC debut back at UFN 17 against Matt Grice who primarily had a wrestling background, and he was able to stop Grice in the first round via TKO. Veach comes into this fight with a career record of 11-0 with 6 wins via submission and 4 via TKO/KO. He's only gone to a decision once in his career. He has fought primarily on the mid-western circuit and is a product of Matt Hughes and his H.I.T. Squad. So you can expect Veach to have very good wrestling, farm-boy strength, and he's supposedly got good power in his hands.

Frankie Edgar comes into this fight off the biggest win of his career, a dominant victory over former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk at UFC 98. Edgar was known primarily for his wrestling pedigree, but showed much improved striking in the Sherk bout. He was able to put together multiple combinations while exhibiting very good hand speed. He comes into this fight with a career record of 10-1, with the lone loss coming against another contender and very good wrestler in Gray Maynard. If there's a knock on Edgar, it's his inability to finish his opponents. His fights have gone to the judges 7 times out of 11 total fights. So that's something he'll need to improve upon as he matures in his career.

This fight should be very similar to the Sean Sherk fight for Edgar, but Veach will probably pursue the take down more vehemently than Sherk did in that bout. Edgar should have the upper hand in regards to striking, but Veach probably has the edge in power. I'm sure that Edgar does not want to succumb to a Veach take down, and Veach should try to set up the take downs with some striking. I think he'll get beat to the punch more times than not though, and then he'll try to take the fight to the ground. All Edgar needs to do is be weary of Veach's power standing and avoid the take down to get the win. I see him taking another another decision win.

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