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The TUF 10 Open Thread And Discussion (Episode 11)

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So it's finally time to see who will make it to the finals of the 10th season of TUF.  I don't know why, but this season seems to have gone by extremely fast.  Anyways, we pretty much know by now that Kimbo Slice will not be the TUF champion, but he will be fighting on the finale show this Saturday.  Regardless of how much the UFC tries to imply that he will come back and fight beforehand.  Tonight will be a special 2 hour episode beginning at 9pm EST.  We'll get to see two quarterfinal fights and two semi-final fights to see who will fight in the TUF 10 Finale.


-Marcus Jones vs. Darrell Schoonover

-Matt Mattrione vs. James McSweeney


-Brendan Schaub vs. TBA

-Roy Nelson vs. TBA

Make sure you join us tonight for the open thread and discussion tonight around 9pm EST.  Who do you think will make it to the finals?

SBN coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale