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Matt Hamill: "I'm Trying To Be A Well-Rounded Fighter"

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"I didn't know he was out until the referee stopped the fight," said Hamill. "It was my first knockout."  "I’ve been working on standup more than wrestling," he admits. "I'm trying to be a well-rounded fighter."

That's Matt Hamill talking about his first career KO over Mark Munoz at UFC 96.  It was a devastating head-kick KO that no one saw coming, especially Munoz.  Matt Hamill will be facing Jon Jones in the main event of the TUF 10 Finale on Saturday night.  I don't know why, but Jon Jones has it set in his mind that Hamill is going to try to out wrestle him.  I've said time and time again that Hamill has shown the propensity to want to stand and bang since his time on The Ultimate Fighter.  Hamill has a granite chin and that old farm boy strength, so I don't expect it to become a wrestling match like Jones is expecting.  Hamill speaks on Jones:

"This is Jon’s biggest test and he's probably working harder than ever to keep his unbeaten record," said Hamill. "I will show him a real fight, and it will be a good fight, I can promise that."

I believe Hamill here in that it'll be a good fight.  I don't recall being bored in any of Hamill's fights up to this point.  The guy is definitely resilient and just keeps coming even though he is taking punishment.  It'll be interesting to see how Jones reacts to Hamill if the fights gets into the later rounds and Hamill is still coming forward.

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