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Dan Henderson Says Jake Shields Will Probably Be His First Fight In Strikeforce

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MMAFighting with the news:

"After coming off my last fight at 185, it's just a natural choice to start," Henderson said. "And if I do fight Jake Shields, which will probably be my first fight, I will probably defend the title (at least once).

"We'll see what happens but that's definitely a good possibility for my first fight," Henderson continued. "We'll have to talk to Scott here and hopefully Jake doesn't run back down to 170."

Well, it was either Jake Shields are Gegard Mousasi, and Shields is probably the easiest path to victory.  You can tell that Henderson senses that just for the sheer fact that he mentions that he would defend the title at least once.  The fact that Nick Diaz will be fighting in January for the Strikeforce welterweight title pretty much assures that Shields will not be moving back down to welterweight while in Strikeforce.  So basically, there's no reason why this fight won't take place in April(unless of course the injury bug strikes).  If Shields lost against Henderson it wouldn't be a big deal, since he really wants to go to the UFC and fight the best welterweights in the world according to an interview I posted up yesterday.  Shields only hope of winning this fight is via submission, and Henderson has been in there with more powerful grapplers without having much trouble at all.  Also, the fact that Henderson is a better wrestler than Shields doesn't bode well for the Gracie trained fighter.  What say you?