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Forget About Seeing Fedor/Overeem In April On CBS

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From Headkick Legend:

As for the future for the Demolition Man, Boon states that there is one more fight on his contract with K-1, which will take place in March or April. Alistair will take off the few months after the Dynamite!! show (which is well deserved) before his K-1 bout in the Spring. What this means to fans in the US? Fedor Emelianenkohas a bout scheduled in April for Strikeforce, and the heavy rumor has been Alistair Overeem will be the man involved; Alistair Overeem will not compete in Strikeforce until later 2010. So the hopes of Alistair Overeem facing Fedor Emelianenko on CBS are once again put on hold. We have been assured that Alistair has not chosen any of his opponents, Golden Glory management has been "carefully choosing" his opponents, Alistair will fight anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Strikeforce can't let this continue with their heavyweight title not being defended in over two years.  The fact of the matter is they should strip Overeem of the title and do Fedor vs. whoever as their champion.  Overeem doesn't have any name recognition with casual fans here in America anyways, and Fedor has had more exposure due to his appearance on CBS.  In fact, even if they did do a Overeem/Fedor fight, the promotion would more than likely be around Fedor moreso than Overeem.  This is a prime example of why exclusive contracts are a good thing in my opinion.