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Houston Alexander Breaks Silence About About His Fight With Kimbo Slice

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MMAWeekly was able to speak with Alexander and get his thoughts on his fight with Kimbo Slice and more:

MMAWeekly: Dana White said Kimbo was chasing after you and you didn’t want to fight.

Alexander. Awww, Kimbo was chasing after me? Did you see Kimbo chasing after me and did you see him actually try and engage?

MMAWeekly: Honestly, I didn’t see a whole lot of engaging in the first place.

Alexander: He wasn’t engaging. This is part of the fight game. People are just wanting to see two of us go at it, with no game plan, no nothing, and just go in and start wailing on each other. I thought MMA was about something other than that. Apparently, that’s what they wanted. And that’s part of the entertainment, that’s part of being a fighter, but I also thought being a fighter was strategizing and going in there with a game plan.

Alexander does make a solid point in regards to fighters designing and staying with whatever strategy they are trying to implement during the fight.  I didn't see Kimbo chasing after him, but I did see Kimbo motion to him several times like "let's do this dawg".  However, Alexander wanted none of that as he wouldn't give in to the taunts.  Alexander also goes on to say that he hasn't received any notice about being released/cut from the UFC, although Dana White has publically stated that he'll be cut.