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Become A Fan Of MMA4Real And Follow Us On Twitter

I'm on the road for work today, so things will be a bit sparse from me.  However, I just wanted to take the time to highlight the new Twitter widget(like you hadn't seen it on the right side of the page under the fanpost section.  You can also find the new Facebook widget over there as well.  As you can see we've added quite a bit of new fans in the past week.  So if you are a Facebook user, be sure to become fans of MMA4Real!  If you are not following us on Twitter, be sure to do so.  Also, those of you that are new to the site, check out how you can help us after the jump. 


Those of you that are twitter users, you can re-tweet each of our posts by simply clicking on the retweet icon located at the bottom of the picture above.  Also, you can share each of our posts on your own personal Facebook page(if you are willing to do that) to help spread the word about what we have popping off here at MMA4Real.  I know some of you re-tweet almost all of our posts, and I'm VERY thankful for that.  Just know that the more re-tweets and shared links on Facebook we can get, the more people we'll reach.  Which means our growing community will grow even more.  Also, if you've joined the community here and don't find yourself on the MMA4Real Google sure to drop your City/Country/zip code in the comments section.