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YES: Spike TV To Air FREE Preliminary Bouts For 10 LIVE UFC Events In 2010

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From MMAJunkie:

After three successful broadcasts in 2009, Spike TV officials today announced the cable station will air a total of 10 preliminary-card specials prior to UFC pay-per-view events in 2010.

The one-hour specials, now dubbed "UFC Prelim," feature between two and four bouts from the un-aired preliminary cards of each pay-per-view event.

This is excellent news.  So now we as viewers will get to see anywhere from 7-8 fights guaranteed with each UFC PPV that features "UFC Prelim".  That definitely makes me feel as if I've gotten my money's worth.  The UFC first aired preliminary fights on Spike TV with UFC 103, and have since followed suit with UFC 104, 105, and 106.  However, they were not able to do so with UFC 107 due to the video game awards on Spike TV.  The preliminary shows usually average around 1.3-1.4 million viewers, that could potentially purchase the UFC PPV that follows. 

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