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Could Strikeforce Lightweight Fighters Compete With UFC Lightweights?

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Strikeforce lightweight champion Josh Thomson thinks so in the video above as he affirmed that he still thinks that he and Gilbert Melendez could be any other lightweights in the world aside from maybe BJ Penn.  Strikeforce is building a solid lightweight division.  They have fighters like Thomson, Melendez, Mitsuhiro Ishida, Billy Evangelista, and Victor "Shaolin" Ribeiro.  It's possible that other lightweights from DREAM could make their Strikeforce debut in 2010.  Roger Huerta could end up over there if he doesn't re-sign with the UFC.  Think about fights like Melendez/Florian, Thomson/Maynard, or Evangelista/Edgar.  Sound off in the comments sections.

HT: FightMagazine

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