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Shane Carwin Says Fighting Frank Mir Is An "Easy Yes"

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I posted earlier today that Frank Mir said he would be open to fighting Shane Carwin next if Brock Lesnar isn't his next opponent.  Shane Carwin must be hearing the whispers as he blogged about the possibility of fighting Frank Mir:

"A win like Frank had last night surely propels him to share the top of the division with Nog, Cain and myself. If beating Kongo was enough to propel Cain to number two contender status, destroying Kongo might edge Cain out. What is more compelling is that Mir made it our of that fight injury free so not only is he at the top of the division he is likely ready to fight sooner then later.

The main question I am getting is would I fight Frank? The answer is easy YES. I am not a fighter who decides who he fights, I fight who I am told to fight. I like it that way, I am not trying to build a legacy I am trying to fight the best fighters in the World and determine where I fit in. Mir is a Multiple time Champion, who has been counted out more then Mike Tyson to only find himself right back at the top. He is a LEGEND of the sport and I would be honored to fight him."

For some odd reason the talk on this fight seems to be picking up steam.  Usually when two fighters come out and say they want to fight one another, it happens not to long afterwards.  Let's see if this comes to fruition.  This could be a nice fight to build an event around in my opinion, and lord knows the UFC needs compelling fights right now to headline cards.