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Frank Mir Is Open To A Fight With Shane Carwin

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From MMAWeekly:

"I couldn’t argue against that," said Mir. "Carwin is a phenomenal match-up, and I think if I can’t fight Brock again to show that I’ve made improvements against that style, I think Shane Carwin is a more than an ample substitution. If anything, I think he’s a better version."

I think this is a fight that should happen regardless of if Brock Lesnar is able to fight this summer.  Carwin/Mir makes sense on a lot of fronts.  Check it:

-Shane Carwin hasn't fought since his UFC 96 win over Gabriel Gonzaga.  No matter who Carwin fights, he'll have been away from the cage for over a year.  He turns 35 in a couple of weeks, and he needs to fight instead of waiting on Lesnar.  Who may or may not fight again(I suspect he will).

-Mir has re-invented himself in his last 3-4 fights and arguably one of the best hype men in the business.  A Mir/Carwin fight would serve as a legitimate co-main event or main event fight(if they make it an interim title fight).

-Mir/Carwin would help solidify both fighters.  Many think Lesnar would just run through Mir again.  If Mir beats Carwin, it would give some support to Mir being able to handle a larger opponent with a wrestling base.  Many people think Gonzaga is the only legitimate win on Carwin's resume.  A win over Mir would make a fight with Lesnar that much more intriguing, plus give him much needed exposure since he's been out for so long.

-IF Lesnar isn't able to return.  The winner of Mir/Carwin could face the winner of Nogueira/Velasquez. 

-As a fan...You either want to see Frank Mir win or get his ass kicked.  You can't lie and say you wouldn't be interested in seeing if Carwin could beat him.