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BJ Penn's Camp Wants Shinya Aoki

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From Sherdog:

"I don’t think anyone can hang with him at 155 pounds," stated the veteran kickboxing coach. "Who knows, maybe try to get [Shinya] Aoki from Japan? He’s talking s--- too now, saying he thinks he can beat B.J. Come on down bro, we waiting. Come to the UFC. I would love to see that fight."

Another fight everyone in the Penn camp would like to see is a third match with Georges St. Pierre. They thought they should have gotten the nod in the first bout, and after the greasing controversy following the second fight, Penn and his team have stated they would love to get a third crack at the top welterweight in the world.

In order for that to happen, White has said Penn will have to "clean out" the lightweight division. Valentino says that’s not a problem.

"What we’re going to do," Valentino said, "is make a legacy in the 155 class … and from there we move on to 170."

I'll have more on the Penn/GSP talk later.  However, Aoki has said some things in the past about how he thinks he could come over and dominate the UFC lightweights.  It's a fight that a lot of people would like to see, but as I'll touch on later.  I think Penn would crush Aoki due to Aoki's lack of striking ability.  I think Aoki is trying some negotiating tactics with all his talk of coming to the U.S. to fight.  However, Scott Coker has gone on record that he thinks Aoki could make his Strikeforce debut in March.  So it remains to be seen if Aoki really wants to test himself against the best in BJ Penn.