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UFC 107: Thoughts And Analysis

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I mentioned in the open thread and discussion that I thought UFC 107 would be entertaining, as I did thoughout this weeks preview of the fights.  I thought that UFC 107 delivered in that you got to see good submissions, brawls, and fighters showing tremendous heart.  Then most of all, we got to see the best lightweight fighter on the planet in BJ Penn running through Diego Sanchez.  Also, we got to see 8 fights, without any of the preliminary fights airing on Spike TV.  That's what's up, but on to the fights:

-BJ Penn is the best lightweight fighter on the planet.  The guy has the heaviest hands for a lightweight, incredible balance, a great ground game, an iron chin, and I don't know if there's anyone out there that could beat him at 155 right now.  Props to Diego for surviving as long as he did, because lesser fighters would have folded in the first round.  I really don't know what's next for BJ.  There isn't anyone in the UFC lightweight division that stands a realistic chance against him.

SBN coverage of UFC 107: Penn vs. Sanchez

-Frank Mir did what he said he was going to do.  He thought Kongo's boxing was sub par, and he made him pay for it.  I still don't know how that translate into him beating Brock Lesnar, but it does get him one step closer.  Kongo o the other hand never really had a chance once he got rocked.  He'll be back though.

-Jon Fitch was Jon Fitch.  I think everyone knew that fight was going to a decision.  Granted, some of it isn't necessarily his fought in that the UFC always matches him up with other wrestlers/grapplers.  He did seem to have improved his stand up a bit, but he still doesn't pose a threat to GSP.  Pierce as valiant in his efforts, he's tough, and he could probably beat some folk in the welterweight division.

-Kenny Florian impressed me more than anyone.  I never in my wildest dreams thought he would have been able to finish Guida.  That 1-2 combo was devastating, and Guida basically folded after that.  Props to Guida for not making it a hug-fest also!  I don't know what's next for Florian.  Maybe a TUF 1 Finale re-match with Diego Sanchez?

-Stefan Struve and Paul Buentello went at it.  That was a good fight to open up the PPV IMO.  It was sloppy at times, but both guys showed a lot of heart, considering they are heavyweights and they had a pretty high pace in that fight.  Struve is a warrior point blank period.  He needs to tighten up his striking game though, because he drops his left hand every time he throws a leg kick.  Buentello capitalized on it a couple of times, but faded towards the end.  Good win for the young up and coming heavyweight.

-I knew Belcher was going to put Gouveia away early, and Gouveia asking for a catch weight bout only re-affirmed that for me.  That's exactly what happened.  I'd like to see Belcher get the winner of Bisping/Silva.  Gouveia could find himself leaving the UFC as he's dropped 3 of his last 5 and two in a row in the UFC.

-DeMarques Johnson showed some heart in his bout.  I thought Garcia was going to finish him, but Johnson was able to land that up kick.  Which basically caused Garcia to fall right into that triangle.  Good win for Johnson.

Misc. Stuff

-Why does Clay Guida do all that jumping around before the fight?  I mean I know it's his schtick to be high paced or whatever, but damn that ish is annoying.

-The Sanchez mean mug face didn't scare BJ Penn

-Some fighters had  some LAME walk out music

Many thanks to all that joined us for the open thread and discussion.  I think we set an all time high for comments in that one.  Also, stay tuned as I'll have the MMA4Real Betting Game Results up a little later on.  Feel free to leave your thoughts on the fights in the comments section.