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UFC 107 Results: BJ Penn Defeats Diego Sanchez Via TKO In 5th Round

The fight begins and they run to the center of the cage.  Diego comes forward with punches but nothing lands.  Penn drops Diego Sanchez with a counter right hand!  Sanchez recovers and tries to pull guard while he eats punches from Penn.  BJ Penn in the north-south postion.  Penn lands solid shots as Sanchez gets back to his feet.  Sanchez comes forward and clinches with Penn against the cage.  Sanchez working for a take down, but Penn defends.  Sanchez with a good left as they separate from the clinch.  Penn pawing the with his jab.  Sanchez shoots for a take down but Penn sprawls.  Sanchez seems a bit tentative but has recovered from the earlier knock down.  Sanchez lands an uppercut.  Sanchez lunges for the flying knee but it's blocked.  Penn lands a counter right hand as Sanchez comes forward with punches.

The second round starts and Penn is stalking Sanchez.  Sanchez shoots for a single leg agains the cage, but Penn is defending well.  Sanchez lands a uppercut as they separate from the clinch.  Sanchez with a left, and Penn comes forward.  Sanchez with a single leg attempt, but Penn ain't having it.  The crowd chants "BJ" and Sanchez throws a head kick that's blocked.  Penn pawing with the jab again.  Sanchez explodes forward with punches but nothing really lands.  Sanchez has repeatedly gone for take downs but can't land one successfully.  Penn comes forward and lands a counter punch and a right hand.  Sanchez is bleeding from his right ear.  Penn is stalking Sanchez, and Sanchez attempts another take down.  He briefly gets Penn down but Penn springs back up with punches.

The third round starts and Sanchez charges forward but nothing lands solid.  Sanchez with a kick, but Penn counters with a left hook.  Sanchez shoots for a take down and pushes Penn agaisnt the cage.  Penn defends well and makes Sanchez pay with punches to his face.  Sanchez is still fighting for the take down but now lets it go.  Penn with a left hook that lands.  Penn is stalking Sanchez again...Sanchez with the single leg attempt and Penn negates it.  Penn with a left  and looks like he's trying to get Sanchez out of there.  Sanchez feints a take down to try and set up some strikes.  Sanchez presses Penn agaisnt the cage, but Penn reverses Sanchez into the cage.  Sanchez with a single leg attempt but he isn't getting anywhere with it.  Penn with solid punches as Sanchez lets the leg go. 

The fourth round starts and Penn seems to be the aggressor.  Penn with a nice left punch.  Sanchez shoots for a take down but Penn defends easily.  Penn with a nice right/left combo.  Sanchez shoots wildly from far away...and Penn retreats.  Penn makes Sanchez eat a punch for his troubles.  Penn is the aggressor right now, but Sanchez shoots for another single leg take down but Penn defends. They trade wildly as the bell sounds.

The final round starts and Penn lands a body shot.  Sanchez with a head kick that's blocked.  Sanchez with another single leg attempt, but Penn defends as he's done the whole fight.  Sanchez  drops down for another single leg attempt.  Penn sprawls nicely.  The crowd chants BJ, BJ.  Penn with a big right hand and a head kick.  Sanchez  attempts another take down.  Sanchez is bleeding heavily.  The ref stops the fight and the doctor decide to stop the fight due to cut.  Penn wins via TKO due to doctor's stoppage. 

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