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UFC 107 Results: Jon Fitch Defeats Mike Pierce Via Unanimous Decision

The fight begins and they come out swinging, but nothing significant lands.  Pierce lands a body kick, but Fitch catches the kick and takes Pierce down.  Fitch has Pierce's back with both hooks in.  Fitch landing shots from underneath, trying to get Pierce to make a mistake to sink in the rear naked choke.  Pierce isn't doing anything put eating punches right now.  Fitch releases the back control and Pierce scoops Fitch and slams him to mat.  However, Fitch gets back to his feet with no problem as they clinch against the cage. The referee restarts the fight in the center of the cage.  Fitch lands a left hook and Pierce lands an inside leg kick.  Fitch is bleeding over his left eye.  Fitch shoots in for a single, but Pierce defends well as the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Fitch lands a nice leg kick.  Pierce feints a superman punch.  Pierce presses Fitch against the cage and lands some knees to Fitch's legs.  Fitch with a solid jab.  Pierce with a solid jab.  Fitch catches a Pierce kick and takes him down.  Fitch with back control now, but Pierce turns him into the cage..but eats a knee.  Fitch with a thai plum but misses the knee.  Pierce with a 1-2 that lands...and another.  Fitch feints a take down and lands a combo of his own.  Pierce lands a nice right hand.  Fitch shoots for a single leg and gets the take down.  Pierce back to his feet, but Fitch as back control standing.  Pierce turns into Fitch and Fitch lands a nice knee.  Pierce presses Fitch against the cage.  Pierce lands a right hand, but Fitch answers with a body kick.  They trade blows as the bell sounds.

The third round starts and Fitch seems like he wants to push the pace.  Fitch with a body kick and a take down attempt but Pierce defends.  Fitch with a jab and Pierce lands a body shot.  Pierce clinches and puts Fitch into the cage.  Fitch with solid knees in the clinch.  Pierce eatsa  jab and closes the gap to push Fitch against the cage.  Pierce with knees to the leg of Fitch.  Pierce with a solid left hook.  Fitch with a nice uppercut.  Pierce comes forward but nothing significant lands.  Fitch with mortal kombat uppercut and takes Pierce down to the ground.  Fitch working for back control, but Pierce spins out nicely.  Pierce lands a nice punch/kick combo.  Fitch with a solid knee.  Pierce seems to hurt Fitch with a left hook.  Fitch is retreating and seems hurt.  Pierce is almost out of gas, but he's trying to finish Fitch.  Fitch holds on as the bell sounds.  Jon Fitch defeats Mike Pierce via unanimous decision.

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