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UFC 107 Results: Kenny Florian Submits Clay Guida Via Rear Naked Choke In Rd. 2

The fight starts Guida is jumping around like a mad man.  Guida with a leg kick.  Florian with a counter leg hand.  Florian with a head kick that partially lands and he slips and falls to the mat.  Guida pounces and falls into Florian's guard.  Florian kicks Guida off and gets back to his feet.  Florian with a nice 1-2.  Florian with a nice upper cut.  Florian is bleeding from one of his eyebrows.  Guida shoots for a take down but Florian defends.  Florian land a stiff punch and Guida lands an uppercut.  Florian shoots for a single leg and gets it, but Guida gets right back up.  Florian takes Guida down and lands in side control.  Guida back up to his feet. Florian scoops Guida and slams him. Guida gets back to his feet and he's bleeding heavily.  Florian with two deadly elbows.  The referee stops the fight to check Guida's cut.  The doctor says it's no problem and they restart with 13 seconds left.  Florian with a nice jab and the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Guida is pawing his jab.  Guida shoots for a since leg and Florian sprawls nicely.  Guida lands a punch as Florian gets back to his feet.  Florian lands a solid jab.  Florian with back to back jabs.  Florian with a left hook.  Guida attempts a superman punch but comes up short.  Florian drops Guida with a 1-2 and Guida is hurt!  Florian pounces and takes Guida's back.  Florian lands some punches and is working for the choke.  Florian sinks in the rear naked choke for the win.

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